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Friday, July 31, 2015

On20 Taste of Hartford Summer 2015

Lunch today at my old favorite at On20. It was Taste of Hartford Summer 2015. Somehow, even though the menu prices are excellent, I feel that I would rather just eat off the regular menu. This year's 2015 menu [$30.15 at On20] was intriguing. There were two of us sharing each course so it looks like a lot of food but the quantity was just right.

We started with Chowder: creamy fennel, pancetta crumble and dill oil then Agnolotti: eggplant caponata, roasted red pepper fondue and pickled garlic crumbs. The chowder was the winner but the agnoletti sauce was super.



Main courses were Tagliatelle pasta: crispy pork belly, pickled onions, English peas and pecorino romano then Grilled Ribeye: smothered summer squash and charred shallots with a side of Glazed Carrots with charred ginger and dry sherry glaze [$$]. The rib eye was the winner but rest of plate not so memorable, the crispy pork belly seemed to overpower the pasta. The carrots were superb.

Tagliatelli Pasta

Grilled Rib Eye

For dessert there was Blueberry Crumb Cake with Thyme Ice Cream and Caramel Peach on a pink peppercorn sable and lemon verbena. Thyme ice cream over the 'sand' was the best of all ingredients in both plates.

blognote: There has always been a charge for parking but this time 'covered by waiter'.
bloginfo: Gratuity is added but we didn't receive the meal breakdown until we asked for clarification of the 'added gratuity' on the charge slip.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Suggestion: Get to Ambrosia on Main Street in Cromwell, CT before it gets so popular the line is out the door! I had the Gyro Wrap [$7.50] made from pork chops broiled on a döner machine. This is served in the authentic Greek street food fashion with fries inside the pita. The tzatziki sauce was one of the best yet. 

Anyone who reads this blog knows my penchant for street food. My two favorites are currywurst and döner kebab done with lamb. I just have to add this to the mix and not even have to travel but a mile or so. The Greek coffee frappe was out of this world.

bloginfo: Website is in the works.
blognote: Crepes on the menu for breakfast which will be blogged very soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mitchell's on Main

April 3, 2008

Well, the coffee was good.
Ate at Mitchell's on Main, replacing Mama Roux', in Cromwell. Had Corned Beef Hash with scrambled eggs and toast. Nothing to write home about though. The hash has too much clove and not enough texture. The eggs were cooked perfectly as ordered 'easy' and the toast was plain old white bread. Well, the coffee was good.

blognote: Boy, do I miss Mama Roux!!!!

July 28, 2015
breakfast special

Well, it's been a long time since I last visited Mitchell's on Main as you can see. Stopped in for brunch after a hiking trip. We had eight people and they handled it very well with separate checks. I had the 'breakfast special' of a bacon and egg breakfast sandwich [$5.99] with included unlimited coffee. It was good but not outstanding but much better than the last time.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wang's Kitchen

Another successful visit to Wang Chinese Restaurant in Cromwell. You just can't go wrong here! I had the General Tso's Chicken lunch special [$6.50] with hot sour soup, pork fried rice and steamed broccoli. It was delicious and the portion was quite large. Great atmosphere with super service. Will go back again [and again].

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Puket Café Thai Cuisine

After theater snack on the way home, stopped at Puket Café and had a nice meal. An order of Crab Rangoon [$5] was delicious.

Then I had Tom Kha Seafood Soup [$12] which had a very small amount of seafood: two small shrimp, two small scallops and four chewy pieces of cuttlefish. The broth however was very tasty and the remainder came home to be used with some jasmine rice. He had the Larb with chicken [$14] and I had never had this before and really liked it. Guess I needed to be with someone with Lao blood to appreciate it but will order if again on my own any time. It was very fresh tasting with the lime, mint and cilantro.

Pillow Pub

Had plenty of time [thankfully] before the afternoon performance of 'Monchichi' in the Doris Duke Theater at Jacob's Pillow. So we stopped at the Pillow Pub for a sandwich. The line was not very long but it took quite some time for #35 order to be completed. If people would read the menu before getting to the counter to order, things would go a lot faster. And why does everyone in your family need to taste the soda before ordering it [and then not like it and order something else]?

Ordered two sandwiches and split them. Surprisingly they were on flatbread but delicious. The 'cuban' [$15] was not as good as the 'pig' [$14] because the whole grain mustard overpowered the meat. The pulled pork was super so all was well in snacktime. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Copper Beech Inn

To anyone who has told me recently that the Copper Beech Inn has gone downhill in any category: you are very wrong. What a great lunch we had there today!!!

It was a birthday celebration of a good friend, the day was glorious and we were very hungry for some good food. 

Started off with a Pear salad over arugula with candied walnuts and she had the Watermelon salad with watercress, feta and balsamic reduction. Both were remarkable. [$10 each]

Then on to a 'Clams Casino' flatbread [$12] with an amazing crust and a Leek Tart [$8] accompanied by a jicama and arugula salad with pepitas.

And for dessert a shared Sticky Toffee pudding [$12] with vanilla bean gelato, caramel sauce and whipped cream. Delicious!

McDonalds Lobster Roll

Yes, I am blogging McDonalds but it is for a cause! Because I wanted to try the lobster roll. And it was quite good; all lobster meat. The roll was toasted and fresh, the amount of lobster was fine and the claw on top was juicy and large. The shredded lettuce was a bit lackluster but there was a large green leaf hiding the rest of it. For me, it lacked enough mayo but that was easily remedied because I had ordered the lobster roll to go.

Saturday, July 04, 2015 coffee

Got an email telling me that I can have a free coffee every day of July from Panera. So I intend to take advantage of that. I do like their hot coffee and especially like their iced coffee.