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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Macori Restaurant

And the culinary gods were good to me...there is mofongo in my 'hood. Just ate at Macori and had a late lunch/early dinner. No one there but me and the chef made me fresh mofongo right there and it was banging. Had Guisado de Cerdo [pork stew] over mofongo and a piece of yuca [a little dry] with a can of Kola Champagne [$16.95]. Good thing my weight is [was] down because this meal could feed a few hungry people!

The restaurant is named Macori after the hometown of the owner, Rafael Paredes. He is from San Pedro de Macoris! and I love that merengue of the same name.

blognote: Parking might be a little difficult as it is on the corner of a  one-way street. There is a parking lot in back so I will inquire if that is for restaurant patrons.

blognote: Owner is planning to open a bar in the basement with hopes of live music and Merengue!!!

bloginfo: No website yet...

Friday, October 02, 2015


Wonderful addition to the dining possibilities in the Cromwell area is Kuyi Sushi. Located in the plaza behind 99 Restaurant and near AAA it waits for your patronage. Well, it will have mine. Today we experienced a delightful lunch here [and the soft opening brought a 15% discount].

Started with a Vegetable Tempura appetizer [$4.95] with a light shoyu dipping sauce and then went on to Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box lunch [$10.95] which came with a separate salad [the better choice would have been the Miso soup] then the box with a terrific piece of crispy salmon, shumai, California roll and jasmine rice.. Ended with Green Tea ice cream [$2.95] with chocolate sauce and loads of whipped cream and a cherry.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Cromwell Pizza and Pasta

Late lunch at Cromwell Pizza and Pasta very close to home. Why is it that you so often drive by places and never go in? I did and I am glad I did. Made it just in time for the Lunch Specials to still be in effect. There was quite a list to choose from.

This is my Milano Panini: fried chicken cutlet, tomato, lettuce and gobs of delicious Gorgonzola cheese on a fresh focaccia roll  [$8.75 includes a can of soda]. The pizza looked good. This is sure a place where I can find fresh, delicious and well-priced food.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ANGRY TOFU Korean Cuisine

This is not a fair review. I have been waiting for this restaurant, ANGRY TOFU, to open for months now. It is at 1030 Silas Deane Highway. This was the original site of a Filipino restaurant, then Phuket before its sister place and then Mint Thai. There have been several places to eat here but not all have been successful.

It was the Grand Opening and the many visitors were Korean. This is much too early to write about a restaurant so I will redeem myself by going back with a group. Having guests this evening caused me to order just an appetizer for an afternoon snack. Perusing the menu I found the prices quite high even the lunch specials.

This is the Fried Tofu appetizer [$7.99]. The coating was light and tasty as was the sauce. The tofu was creamy. There were only eight pieces.

bloginfo: There is no website yet.
blognote: Without more help [especially Korean speakers] the dining room might become hectic.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Berlin Lunchbox

Came back to try the Pernil y Arroz con Platános [lunch size $8.99]: pulled pork shoulder served with Spanish rice, avocado and plaintain chips and finished with scallions. This was delicious and the pork was so juicy and tasty. What a great dish...maybe the dinner size [$12.99] next time.

With all the talk about saving room for a cupcake, I broke down and ordered three to go [$5]. They are Maple Bacon, Death by Chocolate and Snickerdoodle. Will let you know the winner after I try all of these delicious looking beauties.

Stopped in after a trip to Hartford to The Berlin Lunchbox and found the love of my life! It was the awesome Blue Moon Burger [$8.99] which is a handcrafted 6 oz. burger topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, blue cheese crumbles, bacon and a sunny-side-up egg. This also comes with some good fries.

The cupcakes looked rad and there is pernil y arroz con platones on the menu. Guess that's a good excuse to go back. But Mofongoman needs no excuses!

bloginfo: no website yet but lots of traffic on Yelp, etc.
blognote: no mofongo on the menu YET but the chef said it's on the way!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Lunch today at The Wethersfield Diner. I have been driving by here for a few weeks to get some dinner but it has always been closed; it's only open for breakfast and lunch [until 3pm]. It has a good selection of traditional diner food but.........the Polish food!

The Polish Platter [$11.95] was a lunch special consisting of grilled kielbasa, two cheese pierogis, rye bread and kapusta [sauerkraut sautéed with bacon and onion]. The kelly dog was delicious and the kapusta was awesome. This was some of the best Polish I have had [including Warsaw and Krakow].

blognote: the waitstaff and the cooks are hopefully not fighting in the kitchen so maybe the noise was everyone having fun
bloginfo: new owners, newly refurbished, clean, clean, clean but no website yet

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Found the Glastonbury new noodles&company location and had the same as below. Went back again today with my own Birthday Bowl gift coupon. I had the Indonesian sautéed noodles with steak and peanuts. This was even better than my favorite. The spice level was perfect! This place was immaculate and the staff is really great. AND with an iced tea [great flavors] it came to $2.12 with the coupon!!! with some to take home for a snack.

Lunch at noodles&company in West Hartford today. A good meal with friends in a new place on a gorgeous day; what could be better?

All three meals were regular size [$5.65], one had shrimp added the other chicken [$2.65]. Get the formula? It's easy to order and the food is cooked to order. The two entrées not mine were: Whole Grain Tuscan Linguine [with chicken] and Bangkok Curry [with shrimp]. Both looked good and the taste I got of the curry was good. But my Japanese Pan Noodles [shown above] were carmelized udon noodles in a sweet soy sauce with broccoli, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, Asian sprouts, black sesame seeds and cilantro were SUPER delicious.